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iThemes Security Pro


  • Total website can use?The number of websites you can install and use on this item.Unlimited Site
  • Update method?Ways to update after you purchase this item.Manual Update
  • Version6.8.0
  • UpdateOct 14, 2020
  • Activation license?This item is not activated license, All features work perfectlyNo

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Need to protect your WordPress site from hackers? Keep your site locked down and secure with the fully-featured iThemes Security plugin.

iThemes Security is the best WordPress security plugin created by the security experts at iThemes. The plugin helps you secure and protect your WordPress site from all security threats and provides you with peace of mind. It’s simple and user-friendly; you can use it easily even if you’re a beginner.

The plugin works to fix common security issues and protects your site from hacks, malware, and breaches. It adds an extra layer of protection to your WordPress site so it becomes impossible for online villains to break your site.

The major features of the plugin are brute force protection, file change detection, 404 detection, strong password enforcement, and database backups. Moreover, there’re much more brilliant security features in the plugin. Above all, instant email notifications after threat detection helps you fix issues quickly.

How iThemes Security Keeps Your Site Secure

iThemes Security has over 30 ways to keep your site safe and secure from hackers, including:

  • Ban the IP addresses of known attackers from logging into your site
  • Lock out users after too many bad login attempts (similar to Login LockDown)
  • Scan your site to detect malware and other suspicious code
  • Enforce strong passwords for all accounts
  • Force SSL for your dashboard or any page or post, as long as your server supports it
  • Monitor your files for any unauthorized changes
  • Receive email notifications of any suspicious activity on your site
  • Obscures and hides important system information about your WordPress installation
  • …and more

Purchase Notes

When buying this item, if you have any questions related to activation license, updating, etc, please see the answer here.
Or you can send us questions via [email protected]

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